Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

 ‘New Year 2018’

I am delighted to launch the second edition of Country Wing Group’s Corporate Profile

The group has made significant progress since its formation in 2010. It’s imperative that we update and highlight the changes to the group profile in due course.

We have expanded our operations both vertically and horizontally.

  • We have now down sized our subsidiaries on board making our total company number 4
  • We target to increase coverage throughout the country.
  • We have commissioned a world class fitness & martial arts gym in Kololo, Kampala.
  • We substantially increased our printing publishing output to over 1000 books per week
  • New additions have been made to our existing inventory of weighing scales, increasing our ability to meet the demand from the local factory and industrial users.
  • We continue to fulfill on our corporate social responsibilities and work towards the growth of the economy and per capita income.

The stepping stone for success is quality, reliability and affordability. We strive to achieve this through our vision, mission and values

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders without whose support we could not have come this far.

Thank You,

(Wamala Peter)
1st January 2018



Way Forward By The Chairman & Managing Director

Country Wing Group remains determined to achieving leadership in fields that we enter into and be known as a premier business group committed to grow with changing face of time.

Our philosophy is – to attain and establish market leadership by bringing in products that meet real customer needs & self-reliance and to create an organizational culture based on trust, team effort, innovation and creativity.

We have faith in our mission, values, ethics and very hard work to attain higher productivity, diversification and growth in areas beneficial to all and our motto is self-reliance for Company, Community and Country.

Country Wing Group believes in a professionally managed responsive organization supported by an experienced team of qualified finance and technical executives.

While continuing ending quest for excellence, our all service & manufacturing units are set up with equipment & technologies from globally renowned suppliers.


Mission, Vision, Values



To increase and sustain the living standards of people by providing them with essential products and services of global quality at affordable prices. To exceed customers’ expectations through innovation and harnessing technology.


To be the most respected and professionally managed companies globally. To spread our wings to all sectors of world economies.


Passion for success We are determined to be the best at what we do. We are not content with the status quo. We have a compelling desire to innovate.

– Employees

We treat our employees as our assets, not an expense item in Profit & Loss account. We recognize that keeping the employee morale high is the key for achieving our success. Team spirit and synergy are the hallmarks of our work culture. Our employees have a sense of ownership in what they do.

– Social Responsibility

We recognize that corporate responsibility towards society is an integral part of doing business. Thus we actively participate in community development programs.

– Commitment

We are conscious of our responsibilities towards all our stakeholders and discharge them in letter and spirit.

– Mutual Trust

We have respect for and confidence in each of our stake-holders, namely, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, bankers, financiers and others. We believe that mutual trust is the foundation upon which everything else rests on.

Environment & Rural

Environmental sustainability and Creating Shared Value

A part of Country Wing Group’s core values is the belief in continuously improving environmental performance through efficient operations, reduced impacts, natural resource and cost savings, long-term availability of raw materials and water, sustainable, profitable growth.

As a key stakeholder within the East & Central African region we believe in adding value to our society and the communities we operate within through raising environmental standards, higher incomes, better standards of living, improved food security and waste reduction.

To achieve our ambition of producing and supplying goods and services that have better environmental performance, we strive to continuously improve our operational efficiency and environmental impact.

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