Linguistics International Uganda Limited

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Linguistics International

Is a medium sized firm and a subsidiary of the Country Wing Group tasked with offering lessons, teaching and coaching of people in widely spoken languages like English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Luganda, Swahili, Russian and German among others.

We specialize in elementary(straightforward) classes especially for beginners and intermediate learners.

We have two packages first the training of those that want to become teachers of languages and secondly those that just want to learn for business/ communication purposes.

We do offer private lessons as well as group classes. NB; You incur the cost of the teaching material like the buying of the books/ photocopying and transport of the teacher for the private lessons. And for group classes you only incur the cost of books recommended by the teacher.

All classes last for a maximum 1-2 hours.

In case of any more inquiries and discussions, please don’t hesitate to get to us on.


+256 775 259917 +256 705577823

Linguistics International