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Why Choose us for Auto Repairs in Kampala, Uganda Areas?

Yes, there are many auto repair shops in Uganda for you to consider, Well, here are my answers to that question.  We truly are a unique company, here’s why:

  • Great Customer Service.  We have purposely chosen a staff that understands how people should be cared for.  We regularly discuss customer interactions and work to make them better for you.  We also regularly send them to training programs to help improve their customer service skills.
  • ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized Business. All of our service technicians are very qualified and are ASE Certified Automotive Technicians.  Most of our technicians have a substantial amount of experience.  The experience, training and certification by the ASE (The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) shows we are committed to providing you with the best service possible.
  • Our service advisers are experts in auto repair and provide just the right advise to help you make informed decisions for auto service and repairs.  Remarkably, they are also ASE Certified Service Consultants.  This is quite rare in the industry.  This means they are trained, experienced and certified to handle your service needs professionally.  AND… they’re all nice people too.
  • We have two locations here Central Kampala and now have 5 service bays!  This means we can get your car in and out quickly and you’re back on the road as soon as possible.
  • Most of our staff are also bi-lingual.
  • We believe in our service capabilities so much, that we comfortably give you a full 12 months, UNLIMITED mileage warranty.  While most companies don’t mention a warranty or only provide a short period, we feel we can easily step up and give you this long of a warranty.  This shows our commitment to doing things right.
  • We provide a very convenient shuttle ride to and from work or home.  Just come in for your appointment, and we will provide the ride to a local destination.
  • We offer low-cost rental cars (only $15 a day!) through Enterprise Rent-A-Car when your car is going to be in the shop for more than a day.
  • We strive to have your work done the same day you check it in.  Rarely do we need your vehicle for more than a day, however some repairs require it.
  • We use the best quality parts and fluids to service and repair your vehicles.  While some companies cut corners to save a few bucks and make more profit, we don’t.  We know that when we cut this corner, the customers suffer.  We want our work to be dependable and perform the best for your vehicle.
  • We provide a comprehensive program for fleets for local companies and organizations.  So, if your company has vehicles, we can help you there too.
  • We have invested into equipment and technical resources heavily.  We do this so that our technicians can service your car quickly and expertly.  This saves you time and money, and make sure your car is as safe and dependable as possible.



We Will Come To You For

Engine Problems

We Will Come To You For

Starting Problems

We Will Come To You For

Brake Problems

  • White smoke coming from exhaust while driving.
  • Car engine runs rough on idling.
  • Engine backfires on deceleration.
  • Engine stalls while driving.
  • Engine lacks power on both flat roads and hills.
  • High pitch sequel coming from car engine.
  • Clicking sound only, when trying to start.
  • Engine turns over slowly before it starts.
  • Car won’t start, spinning sound occurs.
  • Engine backfires while trying to start
  • Grinding sound only when trying to start.
  • More problems >>


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Country Wing Automobile Garage

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