Country Wing Martial Arts Schools

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Country Wing Fitness Institute Ltd

All Disciples Are Country Wings”


Message from the directors

Country Wing Fitness institute is a registered Company that backs a number of fitness programmes and self defence studies among them being Country Wing Martial Arts Schools in Africa with East Africa in particular. Therefore being part of it is a great step towards international recognition, physical fitness, self defence and success.


Our facilitators

Grand master Kizito Robert

He has a lot of experience in martial artists and his practice dates back to 1980s that is with over 25 years in Chinese kung fu.

Grand master Kizito is a specialist in southern Shaolin styles like the five animal prey that includes snake, tiger, dragon etc. The existence and popularity of the Country Wing Martial Arts Schools greatly rely on his vast knowledge and experience due to the rich skills acquired over time.

He always lives by the famous quotation;

When you could you didn’t want and when you want, you cannot”


Master  W Peter

He has been teaching and practicing Chinese martial arts for more than 10 years with great emphasis on Chinese Kung Fu.

He is also known as “doctor” due to his vast knowledge in healing kung fu techniques and his ability to get things done quickly. Doctor is one of the driving forces of the Country Wing Martial Arts Schools and also a founding member. He lives by the principal “The master opens the door and the rest is for the disciple to ….”


Master Wong Ivan Ssennyondo

Master Wong is a Shifu with over 10 years of experience in martial arts. He is a great family man and has vast experience in Tai Chi Quan. Has great love for music especially the meditation and slow tracks of Kung Fu music. He has taken keen interest in the fighting Chinese martial arts of sanda and wing chuan.
Master Bukenya Charles

His practise of kung fu dates back in the early 1990s. His name has greatly been streamlined on the international scene as both an actor and a kung fu master. He is a movie star on the Ugandan and world seen because of his starring in the locally produced martial arts movies the most famous being “who killed captain Alex “ that attracted a number of foreign based stars and movie producers around the world like from France, Germany, Holland and the USA.

Personal Fitness Training by a Certified Trainer from Country Wing!

Don’t hesitate to contact him for a quick fitness schedule for body conditioning& toning, tummy tightening into 6 packs and guidance on how to feed healthy (nutrition)

Personal Fitness Training(We do offer a Comprehensive Training Package for our Clients to Lose Weight, Tone body Muscles and Cut Abdominal Fat…. 6 packs acquisition)
In addition Self Defence and Martial Arts are Readily Available

Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wushu, Chinese Kick Boxing, Wing Chun, Yoga& Aerobics etc
Don’t Hesitate contacting us


Plot 23 Acacia Avenue Kololo, Adjustment to Khana Khazana & CCNOC Offices

Shifu Ivan Wong  +256 701 552 170

Shifu Peter            +256 775 259 917



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